- Our Maltese pups each cost $3000

- Our Maltipoo pups each cost $2500

- Our Poodles pups each cost $2000

- Our Mal-shi Pups each cost $2000

- Our mini Goldendoodle pups each cost $2000 

When you make a non-refundable deposit, that $300 will go towards the final price.



We are hobby breeders who only breed our pets and do not have a lot of litters each year, so joining our waiting list is the best way to ensure you get a puppy from us!

To apply for our waiting list please fill out a puppy application, if you are approved for one of our puppies we will send you an email and let you know. You can then make a non-refundable waiting list fee on the litter of your choice which will go toward the final price. We allow the first to make payment have the first pick and so on.




Once the puppies have been born and we have ensured that each puppy is perfectly healthy, we will notify everyone on the waiting list in the order that the deposits were made. You can then pick your puppy! 

No one else can get that puppy but you. We will send weekly updated photos and a video at 6 weeks. Once your puppy reaches 8 weeks we will set up a date and place and you can bring your baby home!!



We can deliver your puppy to you up to 30 miles for free! Any further than that and we will charge a small fee, email us for pricing. 

When you get your puppy, you will also receive:

 - FREE bag of Canidae all life Stages dog food

 - Current on all vaccinations and deworming

 - First vet check and paper from vet stating that your puppy is healthy

 - One-year health guarantee 

 - Blanket with mother and littermates scent

 - Toy that he/she loves

 - A chew toy

 - Record of puppy's health 

 - Registration (N/A for maltipoos)

 - Pre-spoiled!!


Before you bring your new puppy home, be sure to puppy -proof your entire home. Just like a baby, puppies are curious and going to want to sniff and chew everything they can reach. Placing cords behind your furniture or unplugging appliances when they're not in use will remove the temptation for the pup's to chew on electrical cords. ALWAYS be sure to keep any chemicals or toxic substances out of your puppy's reach. Any decorative plants that are toxic to puppies should be placed out of the reach of your pups, a list of plants that are dangerous for your puppy can be found at


What to Buy

I know how exciting preparing for your new puppy is and how fast you want to run to the pet store and buy the entire toy aisle, so exciting sometimes that you forget the important things. That's what this list is for, to remind you of some of the important things and a few of the things that your pup will love. I have made This Page with the list along with links to where you can buy each of the things.

First off, I want to recommend a book that I bought when I got my first poodle, Bella. Puppy Parenting is a book that I always go back to if I'm looking for advice on what to do. It has information on each subject and on each period of your dogs life and is very helpful.

You'll need a crate if you plan on crate training your puppy, we always use and definitely recommend Midwest iCrate, the 18-inch is the size we always use for our dogs and they never grow out of it. A crate should be just big enough for your dog to stand up and turn around comfortably. 

We also recommend the Midwest Quiet Time beds to place in the crate, they fit best in the crate and come in several different colors. If you are looking for a bed to have outside of the crate, TJ Maxx has some very cute ones and most pet stores will carry cute dog beds.

We recommend harnesses and not collars, since a harness will not put so much pressure on your puppy's neck like a collar would. And there are also a lot of cute options. Like this adorable harness from Bond & Co. that's available at Petco.

My favorite leash of all time is the Flexi retractable leash. I bought one when I first got Oakley, and have one for all of my dogs now. As for treats, we always give our puppies Wellness soft puppy treats. Our adults love the Greenies dental chews. I've bought the pumpkin spice flavored Greenies for the fall and all of my dogs love them!

Other essentials include:

 - Food & Water bowl

 - Flea & Tick treatment

 - Toys

 - ID Tag

 - Brushes

 - Nail Clippers

 - Shampoo (Nature's Miracle is my personal favorite)

 - Toothbrush and dog toothpaste

 - Waste bags

 - Pee-pads

 - Dog carrier