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  • How long do most maltese or maltipoos live?
    Maltese and Poodles are both on Cesar's list of the top 10 longest living dog breeds. Maltese live on average, 12-15 years, females actually live longer than males, but all Maltese are expected to have a relatively long lifespan as they have very few serious genetic diseases. Maltipoos live, on average, 13-15 years, they get their longer lifespan from their poodle side who can live up to 16 years on average.
  • How can I control my Maltese's tearing?
    To prevent tearing in Maltese, we recommend 1) Good Quality food Always feed your Maltese the highest quality food, Canidae All Life stages is the brand that we feed our dogs. 2) If you clean up around their faces and trim the hair around their eyes it will prevent the hair from getting into their eyes and causing tearing 3) Quality Water If you give tap water to your Maltese, this may be part of the reason that they have tear stains. It turns out, tap water has such a high mineral count that it can cause staining in Maltese. Instead, use purified or distilled water to give your Maltese. If your Maltese still has staining, we recommend to clear up any remaining stains. You can find it in most pet stores or online.
  • What kind of food should I be feeding my new puppy?
    We feed all of our puppies and parents Canidae All Life Stagesand when you buy a puppy it will come with a small sample of this food for you to take home. We really like the all life stage food because you don't have to change as your dog ages.
  • What's the difference between Male and Female?
    "Male dogs tend to be more emotionally stable, less prone to mood swings. They can also be tougher and more aggressive than females, though many males are big goofy softies. Female dogs tend to be more emotional theatrics, more opinionated and "out of sorts" when things make them uncomfortable or don't go their way. but are also very happy, sweet, and gentle when their world is going well." -, by Michele Welton
  • How much does one of your pups cost?
    Our Maltipoo and Maltese puppies are $3000 and Malshi puppies are $2500
  • I have allergies. Would a Maltese or maltipoo aggravate my condition?
    If you have allergies, a Maltese or Maltipooo are perfect for you! The Maltese's long, flowing coat doesn't shed which makes it a perfect fit for a home with someone who has allergies. The maltipoo also has a non-shedding coat and shouldn't bother your allergies. While both the Maltese and Maltipoo have non-shedding coat and will not bother most allergy sufferers, no dog is entirely hypo-allergenic. If you are extremely allergic to dogs, you may still have a small reaction, due to pet dander and saliva.
  • If I want to reserve a puppy, do you require a deposit?"
    Yes, once the puppies have been born and you have chosen which puppy you would like, we require a $300 non-refundable deposit to reserve that puppy until it is ready to go home with you at 8 weeks old.
  • May I visit Ginger's Maltese?
    No, we do not allow visits due the health concerns for our small puppies. We will send lots of pictures and videos as the pupppies grow.
  • Can I have my puppy shipped to me?
    Yes, we offer flight nanny services with the puppy carried in the cabin and hand delivered to you, starting at 400.00.
  • Is delivery an option?
    Yes! We will deliver the puppy for free up to 30 miles from us! We charge a fee for any distance further than 30 miles. Email us for more information on pricing.
  • What are some healthy snacks for my puppy?
    My favorite brand of treats is deifintely Wellness, they offer grain-free, soft puppy treats. They contain lots of healthy foods and of course, our dogs LOVE them! As for human foods that are safe for pups, apples (without seeds), carrots, bananas, tomatoes, green beans, peaches, strawberries, sweet potatoes, pears (without seeds), and lots more.
  • What comes with any puppy I buy from Ginger's Maltese?
    Each puppy that comes from Ginger's Maltese will go home with: - 1 Year Health guarantee - First vaccination - Dewormed - Health record - Report from vet examination - Registration (If available) - Bag of puppy food - Pre-spoiled - Snuggle Puppy with mom and litter mates scent
  • How do I go about potty training?
    Wnen you reserve your puppy we will send you helpful puppy information and a link to Puppy training with very helpful information on potty training your new puppy.
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